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About Us

VEHM is not your typical vacation rental company. We open the door to the most incredible homes with the highest standards of customer service. We have meticulously handpicked a selection of world-class homes designed and styled by experts, equipped them with high-end amenities to meet your every need, and verified each and every one of them to ensure pristine conditions and mantainment. VEHM offers all of the pros of staying in a local’s home but amplifies them by providing quality services including drivers, personal chefs, housekeepers and more, leaving you with the only worry of making the most out of every moment.

We believe trips begin the second you begin planning them, which is why we accompany our clients every step of the way to tailor their vacation to their preferences and ensure their experience is five-star worthy. Forget about unfulfilled expectations, untrustworthy hosts, and headaches when planning your trip. With our 24/7 customer service and expert team with profound knowledge on every city we have properties in, you can trust us to create your most memorable vacation yet.

Property Up to the Standards

We are committed to offering the best service to our guests. Therefore, we are constantly deep cleaning and inspecting our properties in order to identify any possible problem and fix it immediately.

Welcome and farewell gifts

First and last impressions matter. That’s why we make sure to receive our guests in a way that immediately sets them in a vacation mood and farewell them in a way that makes them look forward to their next trip with us.

All of the pros of staying in a local’s home, plus more

We believe that the best way to immerse yourself in another culture is to stay in a local’s home. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up a five-star experience. With VEHM, you can step away from the main tourist hubs and explore like a local, follow our recommendations and find hidden locations tourists rarely visit, but most of all, you can return to your home away from home and find your every need catered for and your every desire indulged.

Maximize Your Rental Revenue

Renting short term can increase your annual revenue to up to 3 times. Our service and commitment is to increase your annual rental revenues so that your property becomes an asset income producer.

More visibility, more reservations Our inside knowledge on how the digital platforms work allows us to find ways to increase our properties’ visibility and position them among the top homes of Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. and reach our desired audience.

Constant Communication with the Client We take care of the client in all stages of a reservation. From the inquiry and negotiation of the price and services to the time of their departure, we are in constant communication with them in order to offer them the best possible experience.

Market Analysis: We deeply research your property and the market it is situated in. This way, we can offer the price that will maximize the home’s reservations and your profit.

Calendar Management We make sure you never have a double booking by constantly supervising reservations with the most advanced of tech systems.

Swap by VEHM

By being part of VEHM, you are eligible to participate in our Swap by Vehm program. Swap allows VEHM homeowners to travel to incredible places and properties almost for free with just a management fee charged. The objective of the program is to take full advantage of your property’s usage by allowing you to exchange nights with another VEHM Homeowner. In simple words, by allowing other Homeowners to stay at your property, you will have the possibility of staying in someone else’s place.

How does it work?

The program works with VEHM Points. Your property will be assigned a value based on the rental price of the property and by lending your property to another Homeowner, you will be awarded points that can be later used to book any property on the program. For more information about the program please contact us.



VEHM simplifies the tasks that being a homeowner implicates. It’s your home, we want you to enjoy it worry-free. Leave the housing management and maintenance to the experts and enjoy your free time with the assurance that you will return to your home exactly like you found it or better.

Monthly Reports

We provide the property's owner with a detailed report on all the relevant information of the property. The report includes information like furniture and appliances updates, maintenance, nights booked, profits, detailed finances and other important details.


A thorough cleaning session will be scheduled monthly and you can be rest assured that your property will be sparkling clean.

Property Inspection

Your home will be thoroughly inspected monthly to assure that your property is always up to the standards and functioning correctly. We look over your drainage, plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems, etc.

Caring Team

Our committed team of locals will be there to assist you and take care of your house at all times. If you wish to book a tour, organize a romantic dinner, or just a simple piece of advice, reach out and we will be delighted to help you in any way possible.


Investment Oportunity

We are constantly seeking for the best opportunities in real estate investing. Our expert team consistently finds the best locations with high value appreciation of the land and gives you the highest returns through short term rentals.

Value Appreciation and Rental Income

Apart from capital diversification, real-estate investment can offer high land appreciation and in some cases, high rental income. VEHM will help you find the right investment according to your profile and preferences. After the purchase, we will take care of your property and make all the necessary adjustments in order to make it an asset income producer.

Enjoy Your Property

Setting aside the financial part of acquiring a property, the best part is that you will actually enjoy numerous vacations with the people you love.