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September 24, 2020

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Traveling

Have you ever thought of solo traveling? Solo traveling can be one of the most trascendental adventures you can decide to take. Among many things, solo traveling can teach you independence, deep self-knowledge, how to make new friends, how to be lonely and enjoy it and even open your eyes to the beauties of this world. Definitely it is an experience you need to try at least once. 

However, we understand that solo traveling can bring to you many fears and doubts in terms of security, cultural differences,  infrastructure and comfort. So, to push you to take on your first solo trip, here we share with you 5 destinations that we’re sure will be ideal for your first time traveling alone. 


Probably the friendliest country in the world. Canada has one of the lowest crime rates globally and it is full of amazing landscapes. Being the second biggest country in the world, Canada has cities of vast culture and incredible views. From soaring mountains to wild tundra, one thing that Canada doesn’t lack is great contact with nature experiences. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Ontario are 4 of our top recommended destinations. Toronto and Vancouver are cities blessed with amazing art, food and music. If you visit Ontario, be sure to see the spectacular Niagara Falls. And in case you’re looking up to get a taste of French colonial past, be sure to visit Montreal and Québec by the Saint-Lawrence River. If you’re looking for adventure, Canada is your best option. 


A place that is taken out of a viking fairytale. Located at the north of Europe in the Scandinavian peninsula, Norway offers a unique scenery with its chilling arctic  climate and its surreal fjords. With its fisherman cabins, stave churches, waterfalls and its coastal towns Norway is a place where you’ll never stop feeling surprised. If you’re a hiking and ski fan, be sure to visit Hemsedal and Rondane National Park. And the cherry on the cake are the amazing northern lights on winter. If you’re looking for amazing landscapes, Norway is the best destination. 

Costa Rica

Its people make this place a great destination to go to. A country whose motto is “Pura Vida” resembles how Costa Rica is the perfect place to run away from stress and busy days. It has one of the most blessed coastlines in the world, it is a beach tropical paradise. This central american jewel is full of solo-traveler friendly places such as the hubs in Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo, La Fortuna and Nosara. These places are ideal for meeting other solo travelers and what better way to do so than with the magical sea views from the coasts. Costa Rica is also one of the most biodiverse nations in the world with great sense of wildlife preservation and green ideologies. If you’re searching for a place to relax and meet new people, don’t think twice, Costa Rica is your next vacation target. 

New York

The most famous metropoly in the world. The city that never sleeps is one of those places where you’ll end up feeling like you needed more time to visit the enormous list of things to do here. We can guarantee you that you will never get bored in New York. Here you will find some of the world’s best museums and art galleries like the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also, you will be able to get your fill of international and experimental with its 60 international cuisines and merely 23,000 restaurants to try. It is a city that has it all from skyscrapers like the Empire State to green photogenic places like Central Park. If you’re a city person, you have to visit New York.


Home of one of the first modern civilizations, Greece is the eight most visited country in the world. A country that offers from ancient monuments to incredible landscapes, Greece has it all: food, culture, history, sailing, hiking, and arts. This southern Balkan wonder has breathtaking landscapes like Meteora or the Pelion Peninsula. It offers one of the best Mediterranean foods full of seafood and seasonal vegetables in the islands. And obviously the magnificent ruins of Athens and Acropolis are a time-travel ticket to the times of the olympic gods. If you are a fan of history and art, Greece has to be your next choice. 

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