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September 24, 2020

Must Know Airport Hacks

As you may suspect, the mastering of airport hacks can be a key factor for having a great travel experience. Inexperience in flight days can become such a pain for your wallet, belly and inner peace. Airport lover or not, We’re sure the following hacks will make your next flight such a wonderful adventure.

1.- Check-in the day before

Prevent waiting in long lines by checking in for your flight 24 hours in advance. This will not only make you save time, but also help you pick a good seat if you were not able to choose it when you booked your ticket.

2.- Know your airport destination

You may be familiar with your local airport, however getting to foreign airports can be confusing. Make sure you do some research before your flight on what terminal and gate you will be arriving or the location of amenities. This can be a lifesaver when having connection flights.

3.- Be careful with connection flights

When having connection flights, sometimes cheap prices may seduce you. However, always be careful not tot buy connection flights with time gaps of less than an hour. Some airports are huge and filled with queue lines that can make you lose your next flight.

4.- In security, always go left

It has been proven that we have the tendency of always going right when queuing, Try going left in security and you’ll see the  valious time you’ve saved. 

5.- Bring snacks and an empty water bottle

Prices at airports can be ridiculously high. Bring your own favorite snacks for the flight and don’t forget to bring an empty water bottle (it will not be blocked at security) to refill at a water fountain after passing a checkpoint.

6.- Pack the stuff you’ll need in a reachable spot

Avoid searching for documents in your backpack while other fellow travelers are waiting behind you. Prepare your critical items like your ID or your boarding pass in easily accessible locations. This may work well too for snacks, hand sanitizer or books for the flight. 

7.- When choosing airport clothes, choose layers

Have you felt that airports tend to be extremely cold or extremely hot? Oftenly it is hard to find a gray area between those, so wear clothes you can easily quit or add to make you feel comfortable. 

8.- Designate your airport outfit

One of the last things we often do is choosing the outfit we will wear on the flight day. Choose some clothes that make you feel comfortable for walking like leggins or lightweight sweatshirts and have them in mind every time you’re about to fly.

9.- Take a Photo of your Parking Spot

There’s nothing worse than returning from vacations and forgetting where you parked your car at the airport. Take some reference photos to make it easier to find your car on your way back home.

10.- Ask for the “Fragile” Tag

You can ask the staff to help you by tagging your luggage as “fragile”. This will not only make your bag be handled correctly, but also placed at the top of the pile of the storage compartment, This will also make your luggage appear first at the baggage carousel. 

11.- Watch out with earphones

One of the main reasons people lose flights is due to earphones. Watching a movie or hearing a podcast while waiting at the gate can be a great way of killing time. However, sometimes this can make you miss out important announcements like changes in gates or flight delays.

12.- Extra luggage? Use some shopping bags

If you feel you’re passing a bit of luggage weight, ask for a shopping bag in a store at the airport to put some stuff. The idea is to disguise some of your items as purchased goods. Staff will think they’re things you bought and will let you enter it as a carry on without weight check. 

13.- Download your airline app

One of the best ways of always being aware of sudden flight changes, is having the app of the airline you’re traveling with. You’ll be noticed in your phone of any surprise to be prepared and prevent any lost-plane tragedy. Having these apps may even pop out some good discounts too.

14.- Always pack some hand sanitizer

With today’s situation it seems obvious we’ll need one of those for traveling. However, airports have always been full of germs. Buy an easy travel version, you’ll find it very useful when handling stuff like trays in security or seatbelts.

15.- Bring a portable charger

Sometimes it’s hard to find convenient outlets or charging stations while waiting at the gate, make sure you buy one of those portable chargers. You’ll thank me later.

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