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November 24, 2021

Top 5 Cenotes in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, which it’s located in Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico, is known for having one of the most beautiful seas in the world, but a unique trait they’re known for is their cenotes. A cenote is a reservoir of spring water located in many places, one being Riviera Maya, in which the water from the aquifer leaks out from the roof of a cave. It is part of the aquifers, which are interconnected between underground galleries.

A must you need to have in your bucket list is visiting and swimming in a cenote, maybe even scuba dive in one of them. To accomplish that goal, we’ll recommend you the top 5 cenotes in Riviera Maya. 

Chac Mool

Located in Puerto Aventuras, the Chac Mool cenote has two entrances that lead to their respective cavities, the first of considerable dimensions and the second strewn with stalagmites. You are going to adore the place, because of the phenomenon of halocline that is caused by fresh and salty waters converging, in which layers of different salinities form perfectly delimited columns.


Suytun is, in addition to a beautiful cenote, a wonderful rural and natural tourism complex. It is located 8 kilometers from Valladolid and has cabins that you can stay in and a museum with archaeological remains found within the same cenote. It is a  beautiful and imposing underground cave with shallow waters that are so transparent that you will be able to see the fish.

Ik Kil

Around this impressive and beautiful cenote an entire eco-park has been developed, in which, in addition to its exuberant forest and many birds, the possibility of spending the night in one of its high standing cabins, in the purest Mayan style, stands out, but with a jacuzzi.


This is the local name of the Cenote Taj Mahal, which has taken its name from the famous Indian monument, thanks to the majesty of this natural wonder. They are actually four interconnected cenotes 25 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. It is very well prepared, with bathrooms and a restaurant, but to fully explore it you will have to be an expert diver and overcome the five meter deep wall that allows access to great cavities.

Cenote Sagrado

This is an open-air cenote that, in ancient times, was used, like almost all, for sacred purposes. Its proximity made it important for the Mayan inhabitants of the area, who used the sacred cenote to launch sacrificial virgins to please the rain god. At its bottom, remains of young women dressed in elaborate clothes have been found. This is the ideal cenote for you to let your imagination fly and meet our ancestors.

Most of the people always visit and vacation in Riviera Maya because of the beautiful ocean and exquisite cuisine. But now you can do something different and visit these amazing cenotes, discover, swim and learn; a whole new activity that will blow your mind.

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